Saturday, August 28, 2010


The following is my reaction to a fawning interview of high-profile attorney Gloria Allred -- who has of late been prospecting on behalf of former side chicks of Tiger Woods -- on the August 26, 2010 edition of Nightline.

Here's ABC News correspondent David Wright making a fool of himself:

Here's how I responded on the ABC News Nightline Facebook page (some language was moderated to ensure it would remain on the Facebook page -- not so here):

I just got through watching David Wright mostly lobbing softballs at Gloria Allred, never once asking a question that she ought to have been asked while she was gently holding the hopefully washed hand of porn figure Joslyn James: How have these women who have knowingly messed around with a world-famous married celebrity been "wronged"? 

How did James - who used to fornicate with strange men *for a living* - suddenly become a "victim"? Because her poor, tender, heart was broken by a out-of-control mega rich guy who had everything to lose if he admitted schtupping her?  What in the world entitles James or any of the other whores - professional and semi-pro - to several hundreds of thousands times over the going rate?

I am not pretending that women aren't still victims of discrimination, but for the purpose of feathering her beachfront nest, Allred often portrays ought-to-be mature adult women [as] innocent, trusting, foolish little girls.  She does what poverty pimps like Sharpton and Jackson also do: They call the media hordes on their speed dial, trot out before cameras people that too often bear much (if not most) of the responsibility for the predicaments they find themselves in, and demand the government and/or the general public treat them with $ympathy. It matters not if they are worldly, corrupt, liars, or hypocrites, the people standing in the background with that familiar starving waif expression are demanding justice that jingles in their pockets, with a healthy percentage to be taken by the likes of Allred of Arc.

Specifically, here's the question I wanted to hear the star-struck Wright ask: "If Tiger somehow "owes" his mistresses lifestyle-enhancement money, why aren't the little tramps that willingly played house with him holding bake sales to pay the only REAL victims: Elin and her children?"  What, Gloria? No more questions?  Wait, where are you going?

The ABC report on this interview is hilariously headlined at the top of the browser "Gloria Allred Fights For Women's Rights."  Puhleeze.  More like "Gloria Allred Fights For Women's Right to Be Wrong."

Friday, August 13, 2010


The following is my reaction to the news that Ben Quayle -- son of former Vice President Dan Quayle and a candidate for the 3rd Congressional District in Arizona (Maricopa County, north of Phoenix) was a key figure in the promotion of a seedy, salacious website known as (Scottsdale being a Phoenix suburb) three years ago.  The site has expanded its scope beyond its regional focus, and is now known simply as  TheDirty introduces you to endless photos of attractive women in varying states of undress and sobriety and talks trash about them, often based upon an angry ex-boyfriend's desire to see their former objects of affection held up to ridicule.

As posted on Verum Serum, August 12, 2010:
Oh, brother.

I first heard of TheDirty when it showed the first "topless" photo of former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean as she modeled panties while covering a nipple with her forearm. It was the first salvo in the Gay-stapo campaign to destroy the 2009 Miss USA runner-up's career for daring to say on national television that she supported "opposite marriage" as opposed to same-sex marriage, and that she thought voters in individual states have the right to define "marriage."

I wrote extensively about the unrelenting attacks on Prejean on my blog, and got more traffic than ever because I had posted a photo of Prejean (fully clothed), placing my blog in amongst the Google searches for the semi-nude pics of her.

I have to wonder what Ben Quayle was thinking as he watched a website for which he once wrote being used as a tool to crush an outspoken advocate of the traditional family unit. After all, "family values" and the public discussion/debate of what they are is the true legacy of his father, not his frequent verbal and spelling gaffes.

I don't live in Arizona, so it doesn't make a difference what I think of Ben. Only the people of Maricopa County can decide if they want young Quayle, or somebody who thinks Obama is neither flying by the seat of his pants nor an cryptosocialist ideologue who wants to tip this nation leftward for several generations. But I've learned over the years that if a politician who votes your way is two-faced, you will eventually see that other face at a most inconvenient time. Conservatives represented by Charlie Crist, Lindsey Graham, and Scott Brown know what I mean.
On the other hand, Arizona's 3rd IS McCain Country. Maybe they're used to it by now.

Thursday, August 05, 2010


I found this video from the Employment Policies Institute as I was waiting for another news video to load.  In 30 seconds, it says it all, as short and sweet as the little girl at the top of the ditch.

Under normal circumstances, I don't like it when children are used in politically-themed advertisements about issues they can't possibly comprehend. This is a rare exception, because unlike some commercials in which complex issues are put in the mouths of child actors to regurgitate as if they understand the position taken by the sponsor -- as in this much harder-hitting ad from EPI, and this well-done piece of agitprop from Pasadena, CA -- this young sweetheart is just reciting a line, not stating a position.