Saturday, February 21, 2009

It's Official -- I'm a Twitterer

I first registered at Twitter in August 2008 after hearing about it from Michelle Malkin. During the House sessions held in the dark after Nancy Pelosi ordered the lights and microphones shut off, Congressman Peter Hoekstra used Twitter to keep in contact with Malkin and other advocates of new authorizations for oil drilling at the height of the spike in gas prices.

I hadn't thought much about it until recently when I was watching Nightline -- the extent of national MSM News I can stand on a daily basis -- when Terry Moran announced that the inane "Closing Arguments" forum on could be accessed using Twitter. As Moran was saying this, a bottom-of-the-screen crawl showed the "tweets" that an earlier story had generated, and the two that I saw echoed my feelings -- something I didn't expect. So it reignited my interest, and have now discovered why Twitter has become such a phenomenon -- it's addictive.

If you care what I think, you can hit my Twitter home page on the right. Since this is like a "reply to all" email, I hope I don't say something I'm sorry for moments later. I can't make any promises.