Friday, January 14, 2011


Late last October, I published "DESTINY" VS. "DYNASTY": ARE NBC NEWS PEOPLE AS DUMB AS THEY THINK SARAH PALIN IS?" about an egregious grammatical error made by NBC News' Luke Russert in a story about Sarah Palin's remarks about the "family dynasty" of Alaska's Murkowski clan.


It turned out to be the most viewed piece in the history of REACTOR, my sporadically-updated blog created out of cubicle boredom in 2005.

Here's how I ended it:
Palin's point about the dangers of installing dynasties may have been made in an indirect fashion through young Luke's megagaffe. As we can see from his performance yesterday morning, he's been deemed ready for the big time by the asleep-at-the-switch suits at NBC News despite the fact he's still swimming in the shoes of his late, legendary father, Meet The Press host Tim Russert. While he still has time to learn, let's be serious about the here and now: If he was Luke Smith, Luke Jones, or Luke Doe, he would never see the business end of an NBC News camera.

Harsh? Yes, uncomfortably so. True, nevertheless? You betcha.
Here's how Master Luke covered the Arizona massacre as the news came in (h/t Media Resource Center):

While this is another screw-up for Luke, things are moving in the right direction. This is, after all, a journalistic error, not a spelling error.

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