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As I commented at 8:02 am the morning of May 2, 2011 on the post What the Hell? Report: Bin Laden Buried at Sea, “In Accordance with Islamic Law”
The last twelve hours have been tough for me. I was out Sunday night visiting some apolitical friends when the word came down that bin Laden was dead, and out of respect for their hospitality, I did not turn the conversation beyond satisfaction that the mastermind of the greatest single act of murder in all of our lifetimes got what was long overdue coming to him.

Harley Carnes, CBS News           
When I got in my car to go home, I listened to KCBS, the all-news channel in San Francisco, which I already had on the radio on the way; I was listening to the simulcast of 60 Minutes as Lara Logan told her chilling story of barely surviving gang rape by Egyptian men in Tahrir Square. I heard the CBS News announcer -- Harley Carnes -- as he ran down the details as they were known, talking back and forth with experts whose names nor voices were recognizable to me. Carnes then spoke with Terry McGovern, the daughter of a WTC victim. Ms. McGovern said that the elimination of bin Laden restored her faith in government, quoting drooling Bush-hater Maureen Dowd in the process. Carnes agreed, saying that it seemed for so long that the government was like the Keystone Kops, and that finally they were able to get something accomplished.

My stomach started turning as I felt the story turning political. Then as a D.C. reporter described the celebratory scene outside the White House, Carnes, apropos of nothing, said that President Obama would get a bump up in his approval rating as a result. "Uh, we'll see about that," the reporter replied. Carnes doubled down: "Oh, sure he will." When I got home, I surfed the web on my phone while still in my car to see just how much of a left-wing wacko Harley Carnes was.

I found some brief commentaries that he does for CBS News Radio
on his personal website (he's also a novelist), and was shocked. The topics he tackled: "What a mess Libya has already become." "This time a government shut-down might be a good thing - because unlike Washington - the people get it, the U.S is broke - we can't afford this government." And this one [which is really worth a listen]: "It is fair to ask the question now -- are you better off today than you were two years ago? And how will the answers be presented to you?" This guy sounded more like a more even-tempered Bill O'Reilly than David Gregory.

I then wondered what was wrong with me -- why couldn't I shut down my media bias calibrator long enough to enjoy the justice, as did Carnes? Honestly, I don't think it's my fault. After a lifetime of news addiction and about twenty-two years of recognizing and being able to predict slant (beginning with the character assassination of Dr. Eric Foretich), it's cut into my brain now. It's as if I'm on a fishing boat in rough seas, and to remain upright, I lean starboard when the vessel tilts port. If I lose that balancing mechanism, I'll be sliding all over the decks, flailing all over.

I'll take the hit now for not being sufficiently appreciative of the Obamastration's part in getting bin Laden. We all know good and well that it's going to be used as a bludgeon against Republican candidates in 2012 -- the media will trumpet this success as if it is a counterbalance to his economic incompetence and the amorphous folly of the Libyan intervention. Long-term, losing my vigilance for just a second doesn't feel like it's worth the risk of reverting back to a being a bleating sheep like so many clueless "independents," who are mostly people who believe whatever the MSM tells them.
UPDATE: Here's the latest "Not Just Another Story" commentary from Harley Carnes regarding whether photos of bin Laden's corpse should be released to the public:

"Killing Osama bin Laden was the brave and right thing to do. In today's news and comment, Harley Carnes says .. now is not the time to worry about making Jihadists angry"

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