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The following is a comment in praise of Cornell Assistant Law Professor (and Harvard Law School graduate) William Jacobson's comprehensive breakdown of Gloria Allred's latest stunt in his blog entry "Why Isn't The Left Screaming at Gloria Allred?" at his excellent blog, Le-gal In-sur-rec-tion.

 Representing Nicky Diaz Santillan, the nine-year former housekeeper of former eBay CEO and GOP gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman, Allred is repeatedly calling Whitman a liar for saying that she didn't know that Ms. Diaz used false documents to qualify for her employment.  In her haste to damage the Republican candidate running for Governor with a frivolous legal claim, Allred has inadvertantly violated a leftist credo; when it comes to illegal aliens (or, as Ms. Allred insists on saying, "undocumented immigrants"), one is never supposed to presume that they are lying because of the way they look, speak, or act. As Jacobson points out, Allred's entire premise of attacking Whitman hangs on the implication that "you ... must not trust the immigrant if a problem arises."

My reaction:

I live in the S.F. Bay Area and have to force myself to watch news coverage of this "SCANDAL!" because I instantly knew how they were going to spin it; Whitman's a hypocrite because she said in a debate the previous night that employers should be dealt with if they hire illegals, and she should have been willing to go beyond due diligence and demand enough evidence to prove that her housekeeper's papers were bogus.

That, despite the fact that just a few months ago, the MSM worked from the angle that SB 1070 empowered Arizona law enforcement per se to do what they all agreed it deep-down really wanted to do: Scrounge for any excuse to round up brown-skinned people for the purpose of deportation. People who didn't have the right look about them, we were led to believe, would be detained for either frivolous or non-existent reasons (while taking their kids out for ice cream) so that their documents could be viewed, deemed suspicious, and ICE could be summoned to dump them back over the border (even if they in reality were American citizens).

Allred herself -- as I wrote in a recent blog post "Memo to Inglorious Barrister Gloria Allred: Enough Already!" -- is following her normal pattern:

[F]or the purpose of feathering her beachfront nest, Allred often portrays ought-to-be mature adult women [as] innocent, trusting, foolish little girls. She does what poverty pimps like Sharpton and Jackson also do: They call the media hordes on their speed dial[s], trot out before cameras people that too often bear much (if not most) of the responsibility for the predicaments they find themselves in, and demand the government and/or the general public treat them with $ympathy. It matters not if they are worldly, corrupt, liars, or hypocrites, the people standing in the background with that familiar starving waif expression are demanding justice that jingles in their pockets, with a healthy percentage to be taken by the likes of Allred of Arc.

That August 2010 piece was in the wake of a weak interview of Allred by ABC News' David Wright. Allred was lavishing in her estimated $10 million out-of-court settlement with Tiger Woods in exchange for the sealing of the loose lips of skank-to-the-stars Rachel Uchitel, and Allred still seems focused on duplicating that feat with washed-up porn actress Joslyn James. James,[at right] Allred wants us to believe, was a "victim." Victim of what? She "fell in love" with an international superstar who treated her the way she used to be treated (and she treated others) for a living? Similarly, Diaz is a "victim," says Gloria. Why? Because rather than being turned over to INS and deported to Mexico, she held a normally minimum-wage job for nearly a decade at the rate of $23/hr?

William Jacobson
In the imbedded ABC News video at the link above, you can see how -- true to her sadly successful playbook -- Allred was grasping the hand of the bawling "victim" James as she read a prepared statement, just like she did this week with "victim" Diaz. Allred knows the power (and the value) of a woman's tears, and has made a mint wielding their ability to cloud people's intelligence and judgment. (For more, see Delilah: Judges 16:4-20.) Allred didn't get to where she is because she's a dummy, but she clearly believes the rest of us are. It's a shame so many prove her right.

Finding a way to concisely explain to headline-scanning know-nothings why they should chew and slowly [digest] Allred's nonsense instead of swallowing and regurgitating it is frustrating and tiring. But I take it upon myself because the alternative is allowing it to spread. Thanks for your help, Professor.
 Thankfully, Allred may -- just may -- have jumped the shark with this latest overreach.  More to come.


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