Friday, July 23, 2010


Think you know?  Well, you're wrong!  This is a comment left on the blog post regarding Sarah Palin's invention of the word "refudiate,"  which was the subject of my last blog entry. (Language warning):
Now, there is nothing remarkable about this comment by a typical potty-mouthed anonymous leftist except for one thing: This remark has survived at's "The Hot Word" blog for three-and-a-half days as I sit to type this blog entry. 

There's no way that it would still be online at if the subject of the comment was "the half-human, half-ape Obama."  On the other hand, it would still be there if it had said "the half-human, half-ape Bush."

For any liberals that stumble across this post, why don't you enlighten me? Since it's clearly not tolerable to refer to black people (like myself) as being like "apes" while it IS at the same time OK to insult white people that way, which animal is politically correct to use as a simile when it comes to slams against stupid African-Americans?

Or ... are you like the overly sensitive folks in the Hallmark Cards, Inc. PR department, and are reluctant to even acknowledge that there ARE stupid African-Americans?

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