Sunday, August 14, 2005

Intellectually Honest Liberal Sees Thru 'Sheehanigans'

Mother's war protest veers onto wrong path

August 14, 2005
by Robert L. Jamieson, Jr.
Seattle Post-Intelligencer Columnist

Via Michelle Malkin, we have at last located a liberal (so she describes him, he's new to me) that didn't need to be led by a guide dog to the real issues behind Casey's Mother's Blarney & Wailing Circus.
Sheehan admits that she just wants to lay a question on Bush: Why did you kill my son?

Her accusatory tone suggests that she wants to flog the president with blame and vitriol and not have a meaningful, respectful dialogue.

At the very least, she gets her name all over the news as the mom who tried to stick it to Bush.

If Sheehan wants sober war policy answers, I have a one-word suggestion for her: Google.

She can read up on Bush's shifting justifications for the Iraq debacle. She won't get solid answers, but she will read a lot about a Bush administration that misrepresents facts and lies as a matter of habit.

She also will come across accounts of our "heartless" president crying with families of dead soldiers.


My thoughts drift to grieving parents of slain troops who have not even had a chance to meet with Bush...

Some of these families believe the war is wrong, too.

They just choose to deal with their feelings in a way that doesn't cheapen the memory of their loved ones or turn a grave matter into a media circus standoff that generates more heat than light.

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